ACS880 ABB AC Industrial Drives

Low voltage AC drives

ABB industrial drives
ACS880, single drives
0.75 to 1700 hp (0.55 to 1300 kW)

Input/output extension modules for increased connectivity

Standard input and output can be extended by using optional analog and digital input/output extension modules. The modules are easily installed in the extension slots located on the control unit.

Analog and digital input/output extension modules

OptionOption codeConnections
FIO-01+L5014×DI/O, 2×RO
FIO-11+L5003×AI (mA/V), 1×AO (mA), 2×DI/O
FAIO-01+L5252×AI(mA/V), 2×AO(mA)

Speed feedback interfaces for precise process control

ACS880 drives can be connected to various feedback devices, such as HTL pulse encoder, TTL pulse encoder, absolute encoder and resolver. The optional feedback module is installed in the option slot on the drive. It is possible to use two feedback modules at the same time, either of the same type or different type.

Feedback interface modules

OptionOption codeConnections
FEN-01+L5172 inputs (TTL pulse encoder), 1 output
FEN-11+L5182 inputs (SinCos absolute, TTL pulse
encoder), 1 output
FEN-21+L5162 inputs (Resolver, TTL pulse encoder),
1 output
FEN-31+L5021 input (HTL pulse encoder), 1 output

DDCS communication option modules

The FDCO-0X optical DDCS communication options are add-on modules on the ACS880 industrial drives control unit.
The modules include connectors for two fiber optic DDCS channels. The FDCO-0X modules make it possible to perform master-follower and AC800 M communication.

OptionOption codeConnections
FDCO-01+L503Optical DDCS (10 Mbd/10 Mbd)
FDCO-02+L508Optical DDCS (5 Mbd/10 Mbd)

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