ACS880 ABB AC Industrial Drives

Low voltage AC drives

ABB industrial drives
ACS880, single drives
0.75 to 1700 hp (0.55 to 1300 kW)

Wall-mounted drives, ACS880-01

Height 1Height 2WidthDepthWeight
UL type 1
UL type 1
UL type 1
UL type 1
UL type 1
R11640514.63706.11558.9226 13.2 6
R21640514.63706.11559.8249 17.6 8
R318.547116.54206.817210.3261 22 10
R422.657319.34908.020310.8274 40.8 18.5
R528.7730 23.55968.020310.8274 50.7 23
R628.672622.45699.925114.1357 99.2 45
R734.688023.660011.228414.4365 121.3 55
R837.996326.868111.830015.2386 154.3 70
R937.695526.768015.038016.3413 21698

H1 = Height with cable entry box
H2 = Height without cable entry box
Width and depth with cable entry box

Nominal ratings
ImaxMaximum output current. Available for 10 seconds at start, then as long as allowed by drive temperature.
Light-overload use
ILdContinuous current allowing 110% ILd for 1 min/5 min at 40 °C.
PLd Typical motor power in light-overload use.
Heavy-duty use
IHd Continuous current allowing 150% IHd for 1 min/5 min at 40 °C.
PHd Typical motor power in heavy-duty use.
The ratings apply at 40 °C ambient temperature. At higher temperatures (Up to 55 °C) the deratings is 1%/1 °C.

Standard interface and extensions for comprehensive connectivity

The ACS880 single drives offers a wide range of standard interfaces. In addition the drive has three option slots that can be used for extensions including fieldbus adapter modules, input/output extension modules, feedback modules and a safety functions module.

Control connectionsDescription
2 analog inputs (XAI)Current input: –20 to 20 mA,
Rin: 100 ohm
Voltage input: –10 to 10 V,
Rin > 200 kohm
Resolution: 11 bit + sign bit
2 analog outputs (XAO)0 to 20 mA, Rload < 500 ohm
Frequency range: 0 to 300 Hz
Resolution: 11 bit + sign bit
6 digital inputs (XDI)Input type: NPN/PNP (DI1 to DI5), NPN (DI6)
DI6 (XDI:6) can alternatively be used as an input for a PTC thermistor.
Digital input interlock (DIIL)Input type: NPN/PNP
2 digital inputs/outputs (XDIO)As input:
24 V logic levels:
“0” < 5 V, “1” > 15 V
Rin: 2.0 kohm
Filtering: 0.25 ms
As output:
Total output current from 24 V DC is limited to 200 mA
Can be set as pulse train input and output
3 relay outputs (XRO1, XRO2, XRO3)250 V AC/30 V DC, 2 A
Safe torque off (XSTO)For the drive to start, both connections must be closed
Drive-to-drive link (XD2DPhysical layer: EIA-485
Built-in ModbusEIA-485
Assistant control panel/PC tool connectionConnector: RJ-45

ACS880 ABB AC Drive Control unit ZCU

Control unit ZCU

Example of a typical single drives input/output connection diagram. Variations maybe possible (please see HW manual for more information).

ABB ACS880 typical single drives input/output connection diagram

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