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Dynapar encompasses the broadest line of trusted brands in motion feedback control, including Dynapar encoders and Hengstler brand incremental encoders and absolute rotary encoders, Northstar heavy-duty magneto-resistive and Heavy-Duty optical encoders and high-performance Harowe brand resolvers. Only Dynapar feedback solutions offer these world-class rotary feedback brands from one Global Supplier with 3 day delivery on most models for customer peace of mind.

Joliet Technologies is the preferred Dynapar Integrator for the Chicagoland area.

Selection Guide

How to use this guide

The Feedback Quick Reference Guide is designed to make product selection simple.

The guide provides you with a decision tree to assist with selecting the appropriate product for your needs.

Step 1: Select the type of interface (Absolute, Resolver, Incremental)
Step 2: Select mounting style (Shafted, Hubshaft, Hollowshaft, etc.)
Step 3: Select the appropriate “Duty Classification” for your application
Step 4: Scroll down to the appropriate “Duty” section to view encoder specifications
Step 5: Select the encoder that fits your criteria

Type of Interface
Mounting Style
Duty Classification
Encoder Specifications
Industrial Duty
AI252.5″ size. Multiple fieldbus options. Up to 22 bit singleturn, 12 bit multiturn resolution.
Heavy Duty
AR62/6358mm size. Oversized bearings. Magnetic sensor. 12 bit singleturn resolution.
AX70/7170mm diameter. ATEX certified explosion-proof. Aluminum or stainless steel housing.
Industrial Duty
AI252.5″ size. Multiple fieldbus options. IP64 protection rating.
Industrial Duty
AC3037.5mm diameter. Up to 22 bit singleturn, 12 bit multiturn resolution. 5VDC or 7-30VDC.
AC110110mm diameter. Up to 50mm hollowshaft bore. Up to 22 bit singleturn resolution. 10-30VDC.
Heavy Duty
R25Industry standard 2.5″ housing – Up to 125C temperature rating – Up to 200g shock rating
Industrial Duty
22 Qube Series2.25″ Anodized Qube – Dual shaft option – 5-26VDC
H20Industry Standard 2.0″ size – Multiple output options – Metal disc option
HA25Industry Standard 2.5″ size – Multiple housing options – Wide range of resolutions
HR25Same as HA25 with metal disc
HC25Same as HA25 up to 5000PPR
H58Industry standard 58mm metric – 5-26VDC – Wide selection of options
H42Economical 2.5″ design – Unbreakable disc – 5- 26VDC
HA725Industry Standard 2.5″ size – Up to 10,000PPR direct-read – 5V or 10-30VDC
Heavy Duty
HD202.0″ square flange mounting – IP67 seals – up to 3600 PPR – Phased Array sensor
HD252.5″ square flange mounting – Dual output option – up to 5000 PPR – ATEX option
H56Foot- or face-mount – 5/8″ shaft – M/S or Field serviceable connectors
RIMTach 6200Foot or face mount – 5/8” single or dual shaft – Magneto-resistive technology – Removable sensor modules
X25UL rating for Hazardous Locations – Conduit entry – up to 5000PPR
60 RotopulserDual 1/2″ shaft option – Heavy duty bearings – 5-15VDC
60P RotopulserFoot- or face-mount – “Encoder within Encoder” design
Industrial Duty
H20Industry Standard 2.0″ size – Up to 5/8″ hub bore – Metal disc option
Heavy Duty
HSD252.3″ diameter housing – IP67 sealing – Nickel, stainless, or anodized housing
HSD444.4″ diameter housing – isolated hub compensates for motor endplay – metal disc
Industrial Duty
HS202.0″ size – Up to 5/8″ hollowshaft including metric – 5-26VDC
HS353.5″ diameter – up to 1.25″ electrically isolated hollowshaft – 5-26VDC
HS35RNEW PRODUCT – Phased Array ASIC – Unbreakable discs – Up to 5000 PPR – Up to 1.25″ hollowshaft
Ri80E100mm diameter – large 45mm hollowshaft capability – up to 4096 PPR – 5-30VDC
Heavy Duty
HSD35Up to 1.25″ electrically isolated hollowshaft – Field-serviceable connectors – dual isolated output option
HSD373.75″ housing – Phased Array Sensor – Up to 5000PPR – Nickel, stainless & dual output housing option
HSD38Finned 3.8″ housing – Phased Array Sensor – Up to 5000 PPR – Ideal for vector motor duty
DWD383.75″ housing – draw works threaded shaft – ATEX certification available – NAMUR output available
SLIMTach HS56Magneto-resistive sensor – Up to 1-1/8″ hollowshaft – Up to 2048 PPR – Field serviceable connector
SLIMTach HS60NEW PRODUCT – Up to 2-7/8″ stainless hollowshaft – Magneto-reisistive sensor – Field serviceable connector
RIMTach HS85Removeable Magneto-resistive sensors – Up to 4.5″ hollowshaft – Dual isolated output option
Heavy Duty
SLIMTach SL5656C-face mounting. 5-15VDC or 5-26VDC. Magneto-resistive technology. Up to 2048PPR.
SLIMTach RL6756C-face mounting or Reliance RPM™ rabbet mounting. Magneto-resistive technology.
SLIMTach SL85180C-face mounting. 5-15VDC or 5-26VDC. Magneto-resistive technology. Up to 2048PPR.
SLIMTach SL1250250C-face mounting. 5-15VDC or 5-26VDC. Magneto-resistive technology. Up to 2048 PPR.
RIMTach 8500180C-face mounting. Removeable sensor modules. Magneto-resistive technology. Up to 1200PPR.
RIMTach 1250250C-face mounting. 5-15VDC or 5-26VDC. Magneto-resistive technology. Up to 2048 PPR.
R45 Rotopulser56C-face mounting. Reliable ring kit design. Removeable readhead.

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As of March 26, 2010 Joliet Technologies is no longer representing the Avtron line of products.

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