Rerplacement Guide
DCS800-EP replaces the Reliance FlexPak® 3000

Replacement Guide - ABB DCS800-EP replaces the Reliance FlexPak 3000

Parameter Cross-Reference

FlexPak 3000DCS800-EP
I/O No.ParameterNumber and NameSettingI/O No.ParameterNumber and NameSetting
Local Control of Drive
Jog from the OIM / Control Panel
enableOIM“Control source select”“keypad”Control panel“LOC/REM” keylocal (LOC)
jog initiateOIM“Jog“Control panel“Start” keypressed
speedP.012Jog speed 1Control panel“Up arrow” to increase speedpressed
Digital Inputs
3-wire runDI-1DI-710.15On/Off1 commandDI7DI8
auto speed sourceP.103auto reference select11.03Speed reference 1 selectAI2
manual speed source11.06Speed reference 2 selectAI1
3-wire stopDI-2DI-810.16Start/Stop commandDI7DI8
stop modeP.114Stop Mode Select21.02Stop Mode
ThresholdP.113Stop speed threshold20.03Zero speed limit
2-wire on/off (alt)DI-710.15On/Off1 commandDI7
stop mode21.02Off1 Mode
2-wire run/stop (alt)DI-810.16Start/Stop commandDI8
stop mode21.03Stop Mode
JogDI-3DI-310.17Jog 1 commandDI3+DIR
SpeedP.012Jog speed 123.02Fixed speed 1
accel timeP.001Acceleration timeshared with
22.12Jog accel time
decel timeP.002Deceleration timeshared with
22.13Jog decel time
Jog off delayP.121jog off delay time21.133-wire jog off delay
rev/fwdDI-4DI-410.02direction of rotationDI4
auto/manualDI-5DI-511.02Speed ref. 1 mux (auto)DI5
11.12Speed ref. 2 mux (manual)Invert1102
speed – autoP.103auto reference select11.03Speed ref. 1 select (auto)AI2
speed – manualP.106manual ref select11.06Speed ref. 2 select (manual)AI1
accel time 1P.001Acceleration time22.01Accel time 1 (auto & manual)
decel time 1P.002Deceleration time22.02Decel time 1 (auto & manual)
accel/decel 2 (alt)P.122Stop decel select22.11Ramp 2 selector
accel time 2 (alt)22.09Accel time 2
decel time 2 (alt)P.018Ramp stop decel time22.10Decel time 2
coast stopDI-6DI-110.08Off2 commandDI1
emergency stop (alt)DI-110.09Emergency stop commandDI1
stop mode21.03Emergency Stop Mode
(Select: ramp, torque limit,
coast, or dynamic brake)
customer interlockDI-7user choice30.31External fault (coast stop)
30.33External fault on selectFault&RdyRun
resetDI-8DI-610.03fault resetDI6
motor fan acknowledgeDI-210.06motor fan acknowledgeDI2
main contactor acknowledge (alt)DI-210.21main contactor acknowledgeDI2
    Digital input 0DI-9user choice
Brush wearP.428Dig in 0 selectBrush wearNAnot supported by DCS800
Jog speed selectP.428Dig in 0 selectJog speed
10.18*Jog2 select
IMPORTANT: Setting this input initiates motion
Jog speedP.017jog speed 223.03Fixed speed 2fixed speed 2
OCL enableP.428Dig in 0 selectOCL enablegroup 40*
or winder
PID control or winder software
(dancer arm not supported)
Digital Outputs
runningDO-1DO-114.01DO1 index801
14.02DO1 bit number2
alarmDO-2DO-214.03DO2 index801
14.04DO2 bit number7
no faultDO-3DO-314.05DO3 index-801
14.06DO3 bit number3
zero speedDO-414.07DO4 index802
14.08DO4 bit number11
thresholdP.113stop speed threshold20.03Zero speed limit
Analog Inputs
manual reference speedAI-1P.106manual ref selectanalogAI-111.06Speed reference 2 selectAI1
scalingP.104manual ref gain adjust13.01*Analog 1 high value
scalingP.105manual ref zero adjust13.02*Analog 1 low value
type13.03 &
jumper S2
Conversion mode AI-1±10V Bi or
0V-10V Uni
filter13.04Filter AI-1
actual valueP.192analog man reference2.31Speed ref ext 1 signal (rpm)
actual value5.03AI-1 signal (Volts or Amps)
auto reference speedAI-2P.103auto ref selectanalogAI-211.03Speed reference 1 selectAI2
scalingP.101auto ref gain adjust13.05*Analog 2 high signal
scalingP.102auto ref zero adjust13.06*Analog 2 low signal
typeP.100 &
J10, J12
auto signal type±10V Bi,
+10V Uni,
4-20 mA,
or 10-50
13.07 &
jumper S3
Conversion mode AI-2±10V Bi,
+10V Uni,
or 4-20 mA
filter13.08Filter AI-2
actual valueP.188analog auto reference2.30Speed ref ext 2 signal (rpm)
actual value5.04AI-2 signal (Volts or Amps)
Analog Outputs
meter out 1AO-1P.404meter 1 selectAO-115.01Index AO-1 (see table 8)104
scalingP.400meter 1 gain adjust15.05*Scale AO-1 (high value in mV)
scalingP.402meter 1 zero adjust
type15.03Conversion mode AO-1±10V Bi
filter100 ms (fixed)15.04Filter AO-1100 ms
actual value5.11AO-1 signal
meter out 2AO-2P.405meter 2 selectAO-215.06Index AO-2 (see table 8)113
scalingP.401meter 2 gain adjust15.10Scale AO-2 (high value in mV)
scalingP.403meter 2 zero adjust
type15.08Conversion mode AO-2±10V Bi
filter100 ms (fixed)15.09Filter AO-2100 ms
actual value5.12AO-2 signal
Application Specific
torque referenceJumper J15current26.01Torque selectortorque
26.04Torque MuxTorqSel2601
25.10Torque Reference A selectorAI-1 or AI-2
actual valueP.1892.24Torque Ref Ext signal
Field economy21.18Field heating selectOn
delay/limitP.501field economy delay20.03*Zero speed limit (rpm)
referenceP.511field economy reference44.04Field heat reference
actual statusP.599field economy active6.03, bit 5*Field on signal
Dynamic braking USA21.16Main contactor control modeDC contact
Digital input select10.21Main contactor acknowledgeDI-X
Digital output select14.15DO8 Index603
Digital output select14.16D08 Bit Number10
stop mode21.02Off1 mode
stop mode21.03stop mode
stop mode21.04emergency stop mode
Motor thermostatPin 13 & 1431.08Klixon selectorDI9, DI10 or
DI11 (RDIO-01



(alt) Signal or function with (alt) is an alternative to the previous
* Parameters with * are not equivalent to the FlexPak 3000 parameter

FlexPakDCS800 SignalNameUnit
P.2961.04motor speed actualrpm
P.3971.06motor current actualpct
1.13armature voltage actualpct
1.29field current actualpct
P.1932.01reference speedrpm
1.11mains voltage actualpct

Table 8. Enter the parameter number without the decimal point.

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