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All Saftronics Drives are Obsolete

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(Obsolete) Saftronics S10 AC Drives
(Obsolete FINCOR Series 5740)

Options & Accessories

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
DIN Rail MountingDINS10-201$ CALL
EMI Filter Class B for commercial duty for 460V (1HP and 3HP)S10F-4103$ CALL
EMI Filter Class B for commercial duty for 230V (2HP and 3HP)S10F-2202$ CALL
EMI Filter Class B for commercial duty for 230V (1/4, 1/2 and 1HP)S10F-2102$ CALL
S10DB ResistorPrice Each
VoltagePart No.ValuePart No.Value
230VS1020022 HP, 230 V005-2805100 W, 140 ohm$ CALL
S1020033 HP, 230 V005-2805100 W, 140 ohm$ CALL
460VS1040011 HP, 460 V005-2807100 W, 750 ohm$ CALL
S1040022 HP, 460 V005-2807100 W, 750 ohm$ CALL
S1040033 HP, 460 V005-2805 (x2)*100 W, 140 ohm$ CALL
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Din Rail Mounting Kit

Hardware that allows for mounting the S10 drive, rated 3 HP or less, on a 35mm IEC DIN rail along with other components used in panel integration.

AC Line Reactors

The AC Line Reactor, 3% impedance, is an option mounted externally to the S10. Line reactors may be required for any of the following reasons.

  • To reduce system harmonics
  • To protect the drive from utility transients caused by switching of AC power factor correction capacitors
  • To protect the Drive’s power components when connected to power systems in excess of 500KVA or 10 times the Drive’s Hp rating.

Refer to Line Reactor Section.

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