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(Obsolete) Saftronics GP10 – General Purpose Open Loop Vector AC Drive
(Obsolete FINCOR Series 5700)

Options & Accessories

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Keypad Extension Cable – 2m Straight018-G102$ CALL
Keypad Extension Cable – 5m Coiled018-G105$ CALL
Keypad Extension Cable – 10m Coiled018-G1010$ CALL
Saflink Kit – Hardware & Software046-GP10SL$ CALL
Saflink – Software only046-3021$ CALL
Palm Pilot Saflink Kit046-7030$ CALL
SR10 Highspeed Wireless Link for GP1 0046-9028$ CALL
Relay Output CardSOPCG11SRY$ CALL
Digital Interface CardSOPCG11SDI0$ CALL
Analog Interface CardSOPCG11SAI0$ CALL
Profibus DP Serial CommunicationSOPCG11SPDP$ CALL
DeviceNet Serial CommunicationSOPCG11SDEV$ CALL
Modbus Plus Serial CommunicationSOPCG11SMBP$ CALL
Interbus S Serial CommunicationSOPCG11SIBS$ CALL
LONWorks CommunicationSOPCG11SLON$ CALL
Custom 1/0 Card (Isolation Card)SOPCG11SCIO$ CALL
MetaSys N2 CommunicationSOPCG11SMN2$ CALL
Genius CommunicationSHE300GEN150$ CALL
Siemens Serial CommunicationSOPCG11SP1$ CALL
SF10 Ethernet Module046-7034$ CALL
Control Net (External DIN Rail Mount)C/F$ CALL
120/24V I/P Board with 4 Relays (External Mount)043-0303$ CALL
120/24V IP Board100-0171-01$ CALL
Pressure Transducer Card with 4-20mA Outputs100-0163-01$ CALL
Sleep Function / Ref Loss Card100-0175-01$ CALL
HMI Pump Controller043-0906$ CALL
Keypad Mounting Kit Nema 1/12 with 2 Meter Cable043-1010-2$ CALL
Keypad Mounting Kit Nema 1/12 with 5 Meter Cable043-1010-5$ CALL
Keypad Mounting Kit Nema 1/12 with 10 Meter Cable043-1010-10$ CALL
Keypad Mounting Kit Nema 4/3R with 2 Meter Cable043-1012-2$ CALL
Keypad Mounting Kit Nema 4/3R with 5 Meter Cable043-1012-5$ CALL
Keypad Mounting Kit Nema 4/3R with 10 Meter Cable043-1012-10$ CALL
Heatsink Mounting Kit 1/4, 1/2, 1 Hp, Heatsink through Panel043-0901$ CALL
Heatsink Mounting Kit 2-5HP Heatsink through Panel043-0902$ CALL
Heatsink Mounting Kit 7-10HP HD, 7.5-15HP ND, Heatsink through Panel043-0903$ CALL
Heatsink Mounting Kit 15-25HP HD, 20-30HP ND, Heatsink through Panel043-0904$ CALL

Contact Joliet Technologies for price and availability of these units

Options & Accessories

The drive supports two internally mounted cards. One option card is mounted under the main cover (location A) and the other option card is mounted in a special adapter under the keypad (location B), refer to option card instruction manual for mounting information. There are two different types of option cards, Type 1 and Type 2. Two Type 1 or two type 2 cards cannot be used at the same time. Combinations of Type 1 and Type 2 may be used as long as there is only one per mounting location and follows the chart below. Each option card must be mounted in the designated location. The chart below lists the option card, their type and their mounting location.

NameTypeLoc2nd Option
(Relay output card)
1A2/B– Relay output card
The transistor output from the drive controls output terminals Y1 through Y4 which are converted to the relay outputs (1 SPOT, 3A, 250 VAC).
(Digital interface card)
2ANone– Frequency setting by binary code (max. 16 bits)
– Monitoring (8 bits) of frequency, output current, and output voltage
(Analog interface card)
2ANone– Auxiliary input for analog frequency setting (0 to +/-10 V)
– Monitoring of drive output frequency, current, and torque in analog voltage
(Interface card)
2A2/B– 115 VAC Control input, an isolation amplifier,  relay output PG encoder
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for LonWorks
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for Profibus-DP
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for Device Net
(Communication Card)
2B1/A Serial communication card for CAN
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for Modbus Plus
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for Interbus-S
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for Genius
(Communication Card)
2B1/A– Serial communication card for Siemens
(Air Pressure Sensor VII Converter)
2ANone– Air Pressure Sensor and VII Converter
This card provides a 4-20mA output signal with a 3-15PSI applied and converters FMA and FMP to 4-20mA outputs
(Sleep Function)
2ANone– Monitors 3 Independent I/P functions and provides 3 Form C Relay outputs for control functions, such as sleep function, high/low torque level or Ref loss.
(120V Card)
2ANone24VDC + 24/120 VAC input control circuitry

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