ABB DCS800 DC Variable Speed Drives

Low voltage DC drives

ABB DC Drives
DCS800, 10 to 4000 hp

Technical Specifications

System connection
Voltage, 3-phase240 to 990 V acc. to IEC 60038
Voltage deviation±10% continuous; ±15% up to 0.5 sec.
Rated frequency50 Hz or 60 Hz
Static frequency deviation50 Hz ±2 %; 60 Hz ±2 %
Dynamic: frequency range50 Hz: ±5 Hz; 60 Hz: ± 5 Hz
NOTE: Special consideration must be taken for voltage deviation in regenerative mode.
Short Circuit Current Rating
D1 – D4 = 65 kA
D5 – D7 = 100 kA
Protection Class
Converter module and options (line chokes, fuse holder, field supply unit, etc.)UL Type Open
Speed Feedback / Accuracy
Speed resolutionwith encoder 0.005% of nominal speed, with analog tach, 0.1% (16 bits)
Cycle time, speed and
current controller
2.77 ms at 60 Hz, 3.33 ms at 50 Hz
Step response, current
5 ms
Speed feedbackEMF (transducerless), analog tach, encoder, 2nd encoder with RTAC
Analog tach voltage±8-30 Vdc, ±30-90 Vdc, ±90-270 Vdc
Pulse encoder voltage5, 12, 15, 24 Vdc
Environmental limit values
Permissible cooling air temperature.
– at converter module air inlet0 to +55°C
with rated DC current0 to +40°C
with different DC current+40 to +55°C derating (1%/1oC)
– Options0 to +40°C
Relative humidity (at 5…+40°C)5 to 95%, no condensation
Relative humidity (at 0…+5°C)5 to 50%, no condensation
Change of the ambient temperature< 0.5°C / minute
Storage temperature-40 to +55°C
Transport temperature-40 to +70°C
Pollution degree (IEC
60664-1, IEC 60439-1)
Site elevation
<1000 m above M.S.L.100%, without derating
1000 to 4000 M.S.L.with derating (1%/100m)
4000 to 5000 M.S.L.with derating and factory approval

 Sound pressure level

SizeSound pressure level LP (1 m distance)Vibration
as moduleenclosed module
D155 dBA54 dBA1.5 mm, 2…9 Hz
0.5 g, 9…200 Hz
D255 dBA55 dBA
D360 dBA73 dBA
D466 – 70 dBA77 dBA
D573 dBA78 dBA1 mm, 2…9 Hz
0.1 g, 9…200 Hz
D675 dBA73 dBA
D782 dBA80 dBA

North American Standards

In North America the system components fulfil the requirements of the table below.

Rated supply
Converter moduleEnclosed converter
to 600 VUL 508 C
Power Conversion Equipment
cULus C 22.2 No. 14-95 Industrial Control Equipment, Industrial Products
Available for converter modules
including field power supply units.
Types with UL mark:

  • see UL Listing / certificate no. E196914
  • or on r equest
Enclosed converter cabinets are not UL listed
>600 V to
1000 V
EN / IEC: see table below.
Available for converter modules
including field power supply units.
EN / IEC types: on request (for details see table below)

Regulatory compliance

The converter module and enclosed converter components are designed for use in industrial environments. In EEA countries, the components fulfill the requirements of the EU directives, see table below.

European union directiveManufacturer‘s
Harmonized standards
Converter moduleEnclosed converter
Machinery Directive
Declaration of IncorporationEN 60204-1
[IEC 60204-1]
EN 60204-1
[IEC 60204-1]
Low Voltage Directive
Declaration of ConformityEN 60146-1-1
[IEC 60146-1-1]
EN 61800-5-1
(EN 50178 [IEC–])
see additional
IEC 60664
EN 60204-1
[IEC 60204-1]
EN 61800-5-1
EN 60439-1
[IEC 60439-1]
EMC Directive
Declaration of Conformity
(Provided that all installation
instructions concerning
cable selection,
cabling and EMC filters
or dedicated transformer
are followed.)
EN 61800-3 circle1[IEC 61800-3]EN 61800-3 circle1[IEC 61800-3]
circle1 in accordance
with 3ADW 000 032
circle1 in accordance
with 3ADW 000
032/3ADW 000

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ABB DCS800 DC Variable Speed Drives
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