WEG Variable Frequency Drives
WEG CFW08 PLUS AC Variable Frequency Drives

WEG CFW08 PLUS AC Variable Frequency Drives

AC Variable Frequency Drives


POWER SUPPLYVoltageSingle or Three Phase220…240V (+10%, -15%)
Three Phase380…480V (+10%, -15%)
Frequency50/60Hz +/- 2Hz
Cos (Displacement Power Factor)Greater than 0.98
ENCLOSUREDegree of ProtectionNEMA 1
CONTROLControl ModesV/Hz
Sensorless Voltage Vector
Processor16 bit DSP
Power OutputSinusoidal PWM (Space Vector Modulation)
IGBT Transistors2.5, 5, 10 or 15kHz
Switching Frequency2.5, 5, 10 or 15kHz Switching Frequency
Frequency Range0-300Hz
Overload Capacitv150% during 60 sec. every 10 min.
CONTROL INPUTS4 programmable isolated digital inputs, NPN or 24Vdc logic (PNP)
2 x programmable differential analog inputs, programmable for current or voltage
with 0.25% linearity error, and can be set as DI or as PTC input
CONTROL OUTPUTS2 programmable relay outputs, one NO (Form A) and one NC (Form B): 250 V /0.5 A
1 x outputs with independent NO and NC at a same common
1 x output, programmable for voltage (0-10V) or current (0-20 mA or 4-20 mA), and with 0.25% linearity error
COMMUNICATlONSerialOptional RS-232 serial interface, RS-485 with external RS-232/485 converter
Field BusModbus RTU with external RS-232/485 converter
SAFETYProtectionsMotor over currentDC Link over voltage
Motor overloadDC Link under voltage
output phase-to-phase short circuitDrive over temperature
output phase-to-ground short circuitexternal fault
programming error
AMBIENTTemperature0… 104°F (40°C, up to 122°F (50°C) with 2% / 1.8°F (1°C) output current derating
Humiditv5…90% Non Condensing
Altitude0…3300 ft (1000m), up to 13,200 ft (4000m) with 10% / 3300 ft (1000m) output current derating
CONFORMITIESEMC Directive 89/336/EECElectromagnetic compatibility – Industrial Environment EMC – Emission and Immunity
LVD 73/23/EECLow Voltage Directive
UL 508 CPower Conversion Equipment
SPECIAL FUNCTIONSLinear and “S” ramp accel and decel, local/remote control, FWD/REV selection, DC braking, manual and auto torque boost, motor slip
compensation, electronic pot, two skip frequencies, maximum and minimum adjustable frequency limits, adjustable output current
KEYPAD4 digit display, 2 indicator LEDs and 8 keys
Readouts for: output frequency (Hz), output current (A), output voltage (V), motor torque (%) in vector mode, DC bus voltage (V),
value proportional to frequency (Ex.: RPM), heatsink temperature, fault and status messages
MOUNTINGScrews or optional DIN rail mount


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