Equi-Vec: Balanced Vector Control

Typical 2-Phase control waveform

Typical 2-Phase control waveform

Balanced Vector Control

In the past soft starters using two phase control caused extra heating in the motor and required higher starting currents because the output waveform was not symmetrical.

Equi-vec waveform

Equi-vec waveform

CSX soft starters control only two phases, but include Equi-Vec™ balanced vector control technology. Equi-Vec™ balances the output waveform to make it symmetrical. By balancing the waveform the CSX provides 3 phase like performance with compact soft starter technology.

This eliminates previous limitations of two phase controllers such as:

  • Limited starts per hour
  • Limited to light loads only
  • Limited to motor < 55 kW



Trip messages

The CSX series allows for fast diagnosis of a trip via two LEDs on the front of the unit. LEDs will flash to indicate the trip. (Note: some trip messages available only on the CSXi or with an optional accessory).

No control powerNo control power
Indicator ReadyReady
Indicator TrippedTripped
Flash CodeDescription
Indicator Trippedx 1Power circuit
Indicator Trippedx 2Excess Start Time
Indicator Trippedx 3Motor Overload
Indicator Trippedx 4Motor Thermistor
Indicator Trippedx 5Current Imbalance
Indicator Trippedx 6Supply Frequency
Indicator Trippedx 7Phase Rotation
Indicator Trippedx 8Network Communication Failure
Indicator Trippedx 9Starter Communication Failure
Indicator Trippedx 10Bypass Overload

* Protection feature standard

Trip Messages

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