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PAN-TECH Engineering, Inc.
2433 reeves Road 9x9 sq gray bullet Joliet. IL 60436
Phone: (815) 725-7762 9x9 sq gray bullet Fax: (815) 725-5909
E-mail: info@pantechinc.com
Customized Technology


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Pan-Tech Eng. is one of the companies under the MIV umbrella. The other companies are Indicom Electric, providing electrical installations for industrial and commercial accounts. Joliet Technologies, L.L.C., providing Variable Frequency Drive Systems for industrial applications & NuCo Drives, L.L.C. offering variable speed drives, and associated equipment that is engineered specific to the power generating industry. Van Mack Electric, providing electrical installations for street lighting, traffic signals, etc.






Customized Technology

PAN-TECH Engineering, Inc...

Pan-Tech was created in 1990 as a part time business for building electrical panels. In 1995 the company expanded into engineering, process control. programming. and machine building and is also currently involved in process integration and data collection. 

Pan-Tech is staffed with talented individuals specializing in manufacturing and process control in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and health care industries.

One of the company's main focuses is personalized service to customers. Working with plant personnel from the visionaries, to the supporters, to the users. Pan-Tech strives to develop workable solutions to best fit the environment. They then provide continuous support for these solutions. Pan-Tech benefits from its relationship with Indicom by providing highly organized and efficient turnkey solutions to any electrical application. As the company continues to grow, its plans include expanding into software validation and home automation. 

For more information contact:
John Young
PAN-TECH Engineering, Inc.
2433 Reeves Road 
Joliet, IL 60436
Phone: (815) 725-7762 
Fax: (815) 725-7851

PAN-TECH Engineering is dedicated to provide the highest quality equipment and service. With our experience, expertise and commitment, you will be completely satisfied with our workmanship and our work ethic.



Pan-Tech Engineering, Inc.
2433 Reeves Road 9x9 sq gray bullet Joliet, IL 60436
Phone: (815) 725-7762 9x9 sq gray bullet Fax: (815) 725-5909 9x9 sq gray bullet E-mail:

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